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Why Your Business Needs 3(16) Services

Why Your Business Needs 3(16) Services

As the sponsor of a retirement plan you have many responsibilities, including payroll submissions, maintaining trustee duties, and communicating with plan participants. The administration alone can be overwhelming – even without the required fiduciary responsibility.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Fiduciary Responsibility

What does fiduciary responsibility mean? Think of it as a binding relationship where someone has voluntarily agreed to act as a “caretaker” of another’s rights, benefits, and retirement plan processes. The fiduciary has a legal obligation to carry out its plan responsibilities with the highest degree of prudence, good faith, honesty, integrity, service, and undivided loyalty to the beneficiaries’ interest – in this case, retirement plan participants.

Freedom to Run Your Business

Freedom to Run Your Business

Retirement plan sponsors are spending more and more time handling administrative responsibilities, meaning less time is spent focusing on business growth. From a fiduciary standpoint, many plan sponsors simply don’t have the resources to manage and protect a retirement plan.

Traditional 401(k) versus Traditional 401(k) with 3(16) Setup

Three service packages to choose from

Each client has a unique set of needs, so we offer three service packages to choose from. We’re here to give you confidence that your retirement plan is well-managed and serviced.

Fiduciary Service Types


Relieve the stress and rely on trusted partners

Offload the administration associated with your retirement plan

Focus on running your business

Let us handle the fiduciary responsibility, so you can focus on your business!

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