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Tailored to meet you and your company's unique objectives.

Tailored To Your Needs

One size does not fit all when it comes to the design of a retirement plan. Our use of Prototype and Volume Submitter Documents allows our plan design consultants to customize a retirement plan tailored to you and your company’s objectives.


Prototype Document

The documents are pre-approved by the Internal Revenue Service under the Master and Prototype program. A Master and Prototype consists of a basic plan document and an adoption agreement. The basic plan document contains the language for all the non-elective provisions. The adoption agreement contains the options which may be selected by elective provisions and options which may be selected by the adopting employer.

Non-Standardized Document

This type of document provides a bit more flexibility than a Standardized Document. While it allows more options in plan design, it is still a very affordable document choice.


Volume Submitter Documents

A VS plan is a specimen plan of a VS practitioner that its employer-clients adopt on an identical or substantially identical basis. The IRS issues advisory letters to VS practitioners on the acceptability of the specimen plans’ form. The practitioner then makes its plan or plans available for employers to adopt. A VS plan consists of:

  • a specimen plan document that offers choices over plan terms
  • a trust or custodial account
  • may also have an adoption agreement containing elective provisions

Document Services Benefits

A well-designed retirement plan not only gives employees a way to build a financially secure future, it also is a valuable tool for the employer to attain and retain quality employees. Whether creating a new plan or redesigning your existing one, we will review and analyze your company’s needs and budget to develop a retirement plan that is a perfect fit.

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