Employee Education

Boost employee participation and address their questions and concerns

Education Tailored To Your Employees

If your employees do not understand the need for a retirement plan or feel the need for additional information before contributing to your plan, we can conduct employee education seminars to boost employee participation and address their questions and concerns.


Maximize Employee Participation

Employee participation is key to the success of any retirement plan. One of the reasons why employers implement a retirement plan is to take care of its employees and possibly give them incentives to stay employed with your firm. If your employees are not as excited about their retirement plan as you are, your company’s long-term goals are not being met. We can come and educate your employees and emphasize on the need for retirement savings.

Customized Seminars

We can also provide customized seminars for our brokers, CPAs and sales representatives that may need a brush up on retirement plans. We can provide techniques to sales representatives on how to highlight the key features and obtain the client’s retirement business.


Improve Deferral Limit

Also, unless you have a Safe Harbor plan, you are subject to non-discrimination testing (ADP test) where the average deferral percent of Highly compensated employees (HCE) is restricted to a certain percent above the average deferral percent of Non-Highly compensated employees (NHCE). Due to this, it is imperative that employees participate in the plan for the HCE’s to be able to defer the maximum amount they wish to put in the plan.

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