Urmez Hozdar

Urmez Hozdar

Vice President

(513) 741-5800 #102

Urmez successfully completed his MBA degree from Bentley University. In 1998, Urmez embarked on his pension career with Creative Retirement Systems as a plan administrator. Urmez opted to advance his growing career by specializing in compliance work and united with the Compliance Department of Union Central Life Insurance Company while continuing his pension education by earning the QKA, QPA & ERPA designations.

In 2003, Urmez graced Creative Retirement Systems once more, this time spearheading the Compliance Department in addition to overseeing the day to day operations of the firm. Concurrently, Urmez contributes his expertise in plan design and offers advice to both clients and brokers on qualified plans.

Urmez has been a participating and honored member of ASPPA since 2006. He furthermore served on the board of ASPPA Benefits Council Greater Cincinnati.

Urmez is passionate about music and Apple products. He resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, Farzana, and two sons, Zahan and Arzan.

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